Freedom Crusade/Realization 

July 3rd, 2015

Pastor: Dr. Mark Barclay

Written: Shay Griffin

Freedom Crusade is a time at my church for chains to be broken, people to be healed, and a time for The Holy Spirit to show out. Last night was the second night of Freedom Crusade and Dr. Mark Barclay preached and it was a great message. He spoke on many different things of The Word, but his main message was on discouragement. He was preaching about how we, as Christians need to encourage ourself in The Lord and not in addictions, porn, or sex. Those things will lead us to nothing, but pain and misery. We need to encourage ourself in the one and only. God is the only one who can save us from the discouragement we feel. As we go through life we will face trials and tribulations, but we have to remember the way God has led us. {John 16:33 ERV} God has already faced the world, he knew what we would go through, the pain/misery we would face. But he doesn’t want us to grow weary because we have him as our backbone. He will never lead us to destruction.


Dr. Mark Barclay also talked about how everything in our society is being merged together. That really caught on to my heart because it made me realize that times are getting darker and we have to know what we believe in as Christians. He said, “We can’t be double agents.” That means we can’t be fake, we cannot have two sets of friends, personalities, ways we speak/talk. We have to be leaders for God. We can’t live certain lifestyles and expect a blessing from God. We have to get conviction from the sin we are in (porn, premarital sex, lying, cheating, gossip, worshiping false God, addictions) It’s a sin because God said it was a sin and whatever he says goes. If God said it, no matter how we feel about it, it’s THE TRUTH. We can agree with it or run from it, but in the end we will either get a blessing from obeying his word or continue to be miserable. No matter how we try to fake our happiness, if we are disobeying Gods word and we know we are, we will feel guilty/remorseful. Find someone to hold you accountable because we need that as Christians. It’s okay to get help from an older sister, leader, mentor, mother figure because we need that, it will help us as young women of Christ. Stay Strong & Stay lovely xx


5 thoughts on “Freedom Crusade/Realization 

  1. I promise you inspired me to be a better person and take this summer break to get my lofe right with God. Now im singing and using my gift to there full potential. Thanks🙏 and keep doing what you are doing !!!

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