July 16, 2015

This blog post is a lesson God spoke out of me at one of my Life Group meetings back in October of last year. This was a very important lesson and I believe it can really touch your life.
{Psalms 39:7 ERV} So, Lord what hope do I have? You are my hope!


Job 11:18 ERV

Hebrews 6:19 ERV

Psalms 21:7 ERV

Psalms 33:20 ERV
What is hope?       A feeling of expectation and desire for a blessing or outcome to occur

-Do you have hope?

Many young women in today’s world don’t have hope, because they can’t see blessings coming to their life because of their situation, so they give up on hope.

We as young women of Christ have to keep the hope alive or we will drown emotionally & spiritually

Look at a list of personal things that are holding you back from God or God is dealing with you about something

-Do you see hope for that situation?

“The only time you are only defeated is when you think you’re at the point where God won’t help you in your life”

We have to have faith in our God, faith without works is dead. And with faith comes hope, if we have no faith in God, where is the hope? We have to be 100% sure that God is going to get us out of the rut, struggle, pain, trial and tragedy we are in.

Our problems are NEVER to big for the Lord and Savior. Everyone has something they are going through, it is either big or small, but it is always IMPORTANT to God. God knows exactly what we are going through, but he is a gentlemen and he wants us, as his children, to confess to him what it is we are struggling with.

-Do you like your problems as an excuse?

We as females think that what we do/ how we act (attitudes, mood swings) is all apart of being a female, but it’s NOT. The Devil wants us to believe that, but God can help us with, bad spirits, unhealthy relationships, attitudes, ungratefulness, pride, unhappiness, loneliness, feeling of being unloved, confused, don’t know where your life is going.. ANYTHING. He can do it! God will always give you guidance just ASK him.

-Do you even want help?
-Do you want life?

Many young women deal with this:  Misery- is acting one way in the church, and in the world (fake)  Not praying, not taking to God, dealing with things you now God can help you overcome

-Do you sit back and relax and live life the way YOU want to because you believe God is not coming anytime soon?

He is coming back sooner than he was yesterday. So get ready, get your life changed, I swear it’s worth it. If you live life the way you want to having that mind set, you will get so far away from the things of the Lord and wake up one day and say,”Where am I?” You don’t want to get away from the things of the Lord because it’s hard to change the “worldly” mindset, so do it right the first time. Stay in his word, pray, worship and get into church.

How to be STRONG:

  • Pray
  • Find supportive people who will walk through life with you
  • Love God and yourself
  • Read/Worship/Serve

Don’t give up on hope because you are scared… he will fulfill what you asked him to do. Be patient and wait on the Lord

Jesus will never fail, has he every failed?

He is our number one and will always be.

Love you beautiful women of Christ -xoxo


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