New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes, it is finally 2017. Hopefully, since it is a new year, I pray it is a new you. Some people take that phrase and go wild with it or take it out of context. Of course you will not be a totally different person, but you can change something about yourself. Everyone can mature and improve at something this year. If you made New Year’s Resolutions I pray for will power and the spirit of self-control, so you can persevere with your resolutions. I, personally, did not make New Year’s Resolutions, but I did write down some things I want to improve in 2017. For some people, 2017 will be like 2016 because they will not try to change or grow in any area of their life. And that is ignorant because I do not understand how people could want something better, but they are not developing and cultivating anything in their life. Yeah that makes sense (sarcasm). But I pray that is not the case for any of you. For those who do want to develop and actually prosper this year (hopefully those of you who are reading this), do not totally forget about 2016. I know, you are probably saying to yourself, “Where is she going with this?”, but New Year’s Eve, as I was worshiping The Lord spoke to me, “Don’t forget everything in 2016, remember the memories and the mistakes you made, so you know what you need to grow in, this next year.” I do not know about you, but that really moved me because some people think, “OH yeah it’s a new year, everything last year is completely forgotten about.” But last year was just a week ago, everything cannot be forgotten about. I believe in 2016 there were seasons that began, seasons that ended, new relationships, old habits broken, sin broken, new opportunities, doors opened and anything else that you can think of that brought JOY to your heart. Do you really want to forget about all those things? And of course we have the relationships that should have NEVER happened, new sin, new addictions, regrets, friendships that ended, drama, disappointments and anything else that sucky about 2016. Now you may be saying to yourself, “Why would I not want to forget about those things?” Do not forget, God healed your broken heart, he lead you through the pain and the heartache of losing a loved one, he brought you through that soul tie that you needed to break and he carried you through that tough season of your life. Do not forget about the trials, tribulations, and temptations that God had brought you through in 2016.  And never ever forget about God’s mercy and grace.

Psalms 77:11-12: “But then I recall all you have done, O Lord;
I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago. They are constantly in my thoughts. I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works.”



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