Ladies, Public Service Announcement

Girl, why are you in competition with your fellow sister? We need to encourage our sisters. We need to support them and their gifts for the Kingdom. We need to be joyful when our sisters are fulfilling what God has asked them to do, instead of secretly being jealous. We need to stop making it about us, but instead about the Kingdom of God. We need to lift each other up and not tear one another down spiritually and emotionally. Why are you comparing yourself? We have to stop with the comparisons. We are all unique. So, we all have a different plan for our life. We all have different gifts, talents and abilities. We have to stop looking at titles. We have to stop allowing the Devil to change our perspective. The Devil wants us to be in comparison and in constant bickering with one another, because when we are competing with other young women, the focus shifts from God to ourselves. The focus does not need to be on you, sister, it needs to be on God. Why do you feel inadequate? Why are you allowing fear to hold you back? Why do you feel as if you are not capable of fulfilling what the Lord has asked you to do? It is time for us to stop the excuses. It is time for us to stop allowing fear to hold us back. It is time for us to step out of our comfort zone. It is time for us to RISE UP. We need to step out, and be bold. We have to obey what The Lord has asked us to do. We have to use our gifts for the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God will not cooperate properly, if you are not doing your part. What has the Lord asked you to do for him? Is it a YouTube channel? A blog? A life group? A ministry? To be an author of a book? To be a singer? A dancer? An artist? A business owner? What has The Lord called you to do, but you cannot do it because of fear? The Lord will never ask you to do anything without a plan. He will never abandoned you or leave you astray. The Lord will be with you every step of the way. So JUST DO IT. I know it sounds scary, but if you let fear hold you back, then the Devil has already won. The Devil wants you to stay quiet and to stay sleep. You need to wake up and be loud about what you want for The Kingdom of God. Someone is waiting for you. Do not let the Devil hold you back anymore. There is no excuse why you should not be using your gifts and talents for the Lord. He blessed you with them, so use them.

I encourage you to meditate on, First Corinthians 12


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