My Journey Through James

I am in a period of fasting and during this period, I have been studying the book of James. I do not know why this book is something that The Lord wanted me to study, but this book has stirred up some things in me. I took chapter by chapter and truly meditated on the verses. If you have read the book of James, it is a really encouraging, but also convicting book in the bible. James is writing to God’s people or some may call them “the twelve tribes”, he encourages them about their faith, about prayer, love, why and how they need to control their tongue, their strength in Jesus, a warning to the rich and many more different subjects. So every week I will be posting a blog of my favorite verses from each chapter and explaining what The Lord revealed to me about the verses. Just because they are my favorite, does not necessarily mean that I am actively living them out nor does it mean that I understand the verses to their full context. These verses challenged me, and some verses took me a while to understand. But as I read the verses they encouraged me to live better and they sparked questions in me about my life. Now, what I want from you is, I want you all to comment below your take form the verses. I want to start a discussion and see your point of view on the scripture. I am a firm believer that we view verses not only according to the Holy Spirit, but the circumstances that occur in our life. I believe God created us uniquely, so we can gain other perspectives and see things in a different realm. I encourage you to take this journey with me. Listed below are the verses, I will include the Message version, Easy to Read version, and New Living Translation and I included the dates, so you all could be prepared.I have never done a series before, and I am very excited to be doing this. Tell your friends about it and everyone you know. I want this to be a discussion and a true understanding of the book of James. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for updates.

May 13thJames 1: 9-11 MSG

May 20thJames 2: 14-17 MSG

May 27th James 3: 5-6 and 7-10 MSG

June 3rdJames 4: 4-6 MSG

June 10thJames 5: 19-20 MSG


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