My Youth Camp

Hello beautiful. I have just come back from my church camp and let me tell you, it was amazing. A little background about how my church does camp- every year, May 29th-June 1st, my church takes the youth (6th-12th) and kids department (1st-5th) to Riverbend. My church hosts the camp and other kids and youth from other churches come from their cities and meet us at Riverbend. My church and the other churches come together; we have morning services and night services and small groups with our camp leader which is announced right before we leave. So it is a balance of fun time and Jesus time. During our fun time, we have the opportunity to meet new people, walk around and enjoy many different sceneries that the camp offers, go on a hike, go to the pool, go to the lake; we can play basketball, volleyball, soccer, and we also have the opportunity to zip line and paintball. So there was always something to do. Camp was very relaxing and much needed, now it is back to the real world, and back to life. In this blog, I am just going to reveal what the Lord showed me during my time at camp.

FullSizeRender (10)
Me and My Bestie

Before camp- I asked The Lord, to reveal the plan he has for my life. I really wanted him to show me what is it that he wants me to do with my life. I was so focused on a set “occupation”. I was so focused on the one thing that I was going to do for the Lord. But when we were in our small groups- my best friend said how there is no set plan that God has for us. She was detailing how God does not have this one set purpose, and that we are going to do many things for his kingdom. And that really opened my eyes, because I am a goal-driven person and I always strive for goals. I live from goal to goal- which is not good at all. When I brought it up to God at a night service during worship- he explained to me- how I am too focus on a set goal that he has for me, and that there is never a set goal in the walk with Christ. He explained how there is not this one thing he wants me to do and how he has called me to do many different things. That really opened my eyes and allowed me to open my heart up to more of God and his opportunities for me.

Me, My friends, My cousin, and My former youth pastor/ soon to be my new young adults pastor

I have been set free from my mind, worry, and pride. I let my mind take over- so much. Like I become so drowned in my thoughts that sometimes I would literally worry about the most irrelevant things. I would worry, and just be so concerned with, “perfection.” It wouldn’t even be over spiritual things- just everyday stuff- that I would worry my mind about and get so worked up over. The Lord laid it down straight to me, he said either I will worry or trust him because, “Shay everything you are worried about, does not even matter, like why are you so concerned with this?” He was right. It didn’t matter. I had to let go of myself,

FullSizeRender (14)
Me Ziplining- aka “letting God take control”

to let God work in me. The thing with my pride is-I do not have a problem with asking for help, but I do have a problem with becoming vulnerable and allowing people to know my true feelings. The Lord revealed how I have to become vulnerable-just not to the things of God, but to everything. He explained how I have to learn to become more opened hearted and letting my guards down for certain people.

Me and My squad

Finally the last major thing that God spoke to me was about my blog. The Lord said, “Your blog is your ministry.” He was just speaking on how he wants me to blog more, and how I need to see my blog as ministry. He was explaining how I am using my spiritual gift of teaching when I blog. He was just saying how my blog is along the direction and plan he has for me. This is my platform. This is how I encourage and empower young woman. So stay tuned for various different topics being discussed on this blog, because I have so many great things prepared.

My hand and My first place squad metal

So many things were confirmed during camp. I did get confirmation on college and the direction he wants me to go- and that was great, because that is what I was praying for. The best thing I got from camp is to “live in right now”. I would focus so much on the future and not even think twice about what I have now and in this moment. I realized I need to take in the moments I do have because it flies by. I do not want time to go by and I miss the little moments because I am so concerned with something that may or may not even happen in the future. But it’s a learning process. I appreciate you for reading my experience at camp, and I hope you enjoy the content- Much love, Shay.



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