Top 5, Top 5, Top 5


Hello beautiful. Today’s blog has no topic nor specific lesson- I am here to just update you on the things that I am growing in and what the Lord has been challenging me with throughout this season of my life

1)  I have grown in my confidence and security in God. I have gotten to the point in my life where I know who I am, I know who created me, and I know who My God is. But it took me awhile to get to this point. Comparison was a big obstacle for me, I compared myself to so many people- to skin, to style, to hair, to social status. That is why I fasted so much from social media- and I still do from time to time- because comparison and insecurity love to sneak up on me. But since the end of last year/beginning of this year The Lord has really did a working in me on comparison and my security in him. Now I am at a point where I am content with my life. I had to realize that compliments, people’s opinion, and even my opinion of myself- does not define me. I was looking for security in other people and I had to get in my word and find my security in God. I had to be set free of people bondage, bondage from myself, and my own thoughts. It was really difficult for me to get through that, and I am still growing in this area. But I am more secure in God than I have ever been in my relationship with him.

2) So recently The Lord has been dealing with me about my mouth. Shocker, I know (sarcasm). I let my friends and my mom know pretty much everything that is going on in my life. But in this current season that I am going through, God wants me to shut my mouth. And let me tell you that is really hard for me. What God was telling me in my quiet time with him is that- their opinions will cloud my vision of what he wants me to see. And God knows if I asked for their input during this season- I would not gain all of what he has for me because my vision will be distorted because of their opinion or what they think that I should do. This is really challenging for me, but I know this is what The Lord wants, and it is exactly what I need.

3) Another thing that God is showing me is how my little fantasies of how things “should” play out needs to G-O out of here. God said, in my quiet time with him, “You start to second guess yourself after it does not go your way.That really hit hard for me because if things do not go the way that I expect them to go- I feel like it is not God. And my mind begins to wander and second guess what I know The Lord already confirmed. I am realizing that God works in mysterious ways. Not in “Shay’s ways”. I am continuing to learn how he makes a way- when I think that there is no way.

4) I am also learning how to become vulnerable. Yes vulnerable. I am learning how to be honest with myself about my feelings. Before it was difficult for me to be in touch with my feelings and admitting certain things, although I am not at a point where I know I should be, I allowed The Lord to break down walls of pride that has kept me from growing in this area. It is still challenging to be vulnerable and open with myself and certain people, but I know this is something that The Lord wants and exactly what I need.

5) Finally The Lord revealed to me how I really need to spend more time with him and speaking in tongues because the things that are about to come up in my life, I need clear vision, and I need a sound mind. He was reassuring me how I will need his guidance and his confirmation for things coming up in my future. Although that scared me, I know he was just telling me that I do not need to focus on what other people think that I should do, but focus on what he knows that I need to do.

That is my “Top 5”.

What are the “Top 5” things that you have grown in or have been challenged with in this season of your life.

IMG_1867 (1)

Stay tuned for a blog post coming up about my church’s annual Freedom Crusade Conference- you will not want to miss it. – Much Love, Shay

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