Their Freedom Crusade

Hey beautiful. So my church just wrapped up with its annual Freedom Crusade. The best way to describe the Freedom Crusade is that it is a time to allow the Holy Spirit to come and supernaturally heal, restore, and deliver. I know that sounds simple, but The Holy Spirit can do more than what any message or sermon can do. Of course my senior pastor, Pastor Sam preaches; Guest pastor, Pastor Mark Brazee preaches as well. But honestly this year- Pastor Sam was allowed to only preach once and so was Pastor Mark Brazee. Because when the Spirit of God was in the building we allowed him to do whatever he wanted. The Spirit of God can truly deliver people, people can be healed in supernatural ways and miracles of all sorts are able to happen. Believers, non-believers, prodigals, those bruised by life- were all supernaturally changed by this conference and that was all by The Holy Spirit.

Now I have gathered-seven ladies- from different backgrounds, different walks of life, and different levels on their relationship with Christ and asked them to be featured on my blog to reveal what The Lord has done in their life and what he has shared with them at The Freedom Crusade. *All these testimonies are told in the first person.

Olivia Davis, 17

Victoria Eggleston, 17

Katie Floyd, 16

Macy Green, 17

Christian Jenkins, 17

Micah Lewis, 16

Alayna Townsend, 16


Olivia Davis, 17 and Victoria Eggleston, 17 – this is from a video that they made together. So everything is quoted.

“We went through of struggles in our life such as family issues, financial disadvantages, break ups and more.”

Olivia- “God wants us to have joy in our lives. That we can’t let someone or something take that away from us.”

Victoria- “There’s a difference between happiness and joy. You can be happy at one point and be sad at another. But joy is something that God has instilled in you and you can’t let anyone take that away. “

Katie Floyd, 16

My family and I have been going through many battles for three years now. I have never been more discouraged or confused in my life. Because, my family and I we love The Lord, we serve, we are doing everything in our power to obey God and his word, but it just felt like nothing was happening and we just kept getting pushed back, and we were not moving forward. But what God spoke to me at Freedom Crusade is that this season of battling is over. We will finally be blessed beyond our measure. My family and I are about to be blessed with what we have been waiting and praying for. This encouraged me because it opened my eyes to know that my family and I are not done. We did not cross that finish line, we just started the race, and we are on this journey to what God has for us. God healed my heart and gave me peace and a sound mind about this next season we are about to enter.

Another thing God showed me is my purpose. My mission on this earth is to go out on the mission field. God showed me in the spirit a vision of me on the mission field sharing his love to thousands of people. I have a heart to share God’s love to those who do not know him. I am glad that God revealed this purpose to me. I am excited to know what is to come and to allow God to guide the steps of my calling.

Macy Green, 17

At Freedom Crusade, God pointed out so many things in my life. I want to go deeper in my relationship with God, and he revealed to me practical things that I can do to grow in my relationship with him. My faith grew. I am learning how to trust God with the big things and the small things in my life. I am learning how to trust his timing. My heart is free of doubt in God, but it is full of confidence in him. My confidence in God and what he can do for me is at a level it has never been before. But I know the real test will come when he allows The Devil to challenge me, and I am prepared for that.

The Lord also gave me a glimpse of my future, and he reminded me the importance of my influence. He reminded me that what I do matters. That I need to be an example to those around me and that people are watching how I live. He reminded me that I need to be set apart from the things of this world.

Christian Jenkins, 17

Before Freedom Crusade, I was just living. Living the way that I wanted to and what I saw as okay and acceptable. And not what God saw as okay and acceptable. On the fourth night, I truly felt the Holy Spirit through worshiping His name. Singing how great his name is and how nothing is impossible for him to do, I realized that I’ve been seeking and doing the wrong things, but still looking for miracles to happen in my life. On this night- I finally got what God has been wanting to reveal to me all along. People used to always tell me to do what I can, and God would do the rest- well now I truly know that. All he wants is from us is to believe in him, and he can make things come to pass. God wants us to trust in him and his plan.

I have had many miracles happen in my life. I learned that miracles show the work of what God is doing, it’s basically like advertisement. God shows what he can do, and you follow.

Micah Lewis, 16

This past year has been difficult for me and my family. Even more so, these past few weeks have been extremely difficult for me seeing as I went through a life altering event. During this tough time, I’ve had friends and family abandon me, and it was and is incredibly painful. People that I thought would be there for me left me, and it really hurt. I have never felt so alone before in my life. This season of my life has been extremely tough. However, this Freedom Crusade the Lord told me during worship, that I am never alone, and he told me to wait. God reassured me that he is always with me, and that he has never left me. While people abandoned me in my difficult season, he never left me and will never leave me.  God showed me how I will have to wait and be patient with the plan he has for me. He showed me through visions, pieces of my future and what he has in store in for me. I know God has a plan for me way beyond what I can expect. He also showed me, myself with light just radiating throughout my entire body. God showed me freedom. He showed me a lightness of myself. He showed me peace- something I can never find in anything else. Freedom Crusade was a time of revelation for me. Because going through what I went through in the past few weeks- all I needed was a revelation. And that is what I received. And it was incredible!

Alayna Townsend, 16

This year for Freedom Crusade, I had no idea what to expect from God. I knew that he would work in my life, but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint where at in my life. Let’s just say that I was expecting, just did not know in what particular area. A few months back, I severely broke my wrist playing soccer. And ever since, I have had complications with my wrist. I started to give up on the idea that my wrist would be back to normal. My faith was weakening, and my flesh was becoming stronger than my spirit.

Night four of Freedom Crusade we talked about miracles. Pastor Mark Brazee discussed the four reasons why God performs miracles. The two that stuck with me were physical and spiritual miracles. He did an alter call for everyone that needed a miracle in their life- nearly the entire church went up for prayer. I was resistant to go, but I know I needed my healing. I did not want to miss this opportunity, and so I took that step of faith and I went to the altar call. Pastor Mark Brazee and his wife prayed over me. And all I heard was, “Be still my child, do not worry.” I knew exactly who that was, that was My Father, My Savior, My God. I broke down. I broke down into tears, and I realized that there is no need to lose my faith in God. During Freedom Crusade- God reassured me that I am not alone, and that I need to have complete faith in him. I need to give everything I have to him and to trust him with the plan he has for my life. My miracle happened, my wrist has never worked better since I broke it. I can do a lot more than I ever could. I gained my miracle at Freedom Crusade. I pray that you never lose your faith and you realize that he is with you in every step of the way.



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